Monday, October 14, 2013

125 Future psychopathic

Earlier, people were normal
Then they became abnormal
Then after they became very abnormal
Thenafterwards they became neurotic
Now, they are very neurotic
Sooner, they will become schizoprenic
Thenafter they will become hysteric
In the far future, they will become psychopaths
But that will not make much difference
Because everybody will be a psychopath

In the year 2500 A.D (487 years from now), if the excessive food energy consumption by the brain and mind is not reduced, each and every human being will become a psychopath.

Hundreds of years back, people were normal as regards mind. They did not suffer from mind diseases like neurosis, psychosis ...etc  They lived in the natural way, the Gods created life on Earth. Food and shelter only were the basic necessity for humans, birds, cows etc. These days the invention of so many things have made human life very stressful and complex.

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