Saturday, May 30, 2015

185 The great bad people

There are many types of people
Good, bad, worst
The level of good energy condition, bad energy condition, violent energy, negative energy etc determines their nature.
A person will be good, if his/her energy condition is good
A person will be bad, if his/her energy condition is bad
Their behaviour with other people is just the venting of the energy which is inside them.
It is not a great thing, if a person behaves good with other people if his/her energy condition is good. It is nothing.
There exists one category of people in every country, their internal energy condition is in the state of a harmful a turmoil. Their every minute of life is a suffering. Their energy condition is bad and worst inside. They are "inside" bad people. Too much of negative energy, violent energy circulating inside them.
They do not vent out. If their energy is transferred to the so called good people, they will become extreme sadists, murderers and have their own genuine reasons for being so.
But this category of people do not harm other people. They dont cause discomfort to others.
They are the bad people
They are the greatest

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