Saturday, May 9, 2015

183 very fast can make it very slow or dead

A car with planned journey of about 600 kms travels at a very high speed of 300 kmph. It meets with an accident in traffic (it rammed into a truck). The car must be left in workshop, its occupants must be hospitalized. Thenafter the occupants must come out of the hospital and the car be taken out from workshop. Thenafterwards continue the journey.
Another car travels at a reduced speed of 120 kmph and reaches the destination in just 6 hours.
These days, the entire human race is making progress at alarming speeds that they are and they will be meeting with lot of accidents. In just 100 years, lot of forests have been replaced by cities. Thousands of years of walking habit has been immediately replaced by moving on motorcycles, buses, trains and aeroplanes. The mind has started to absorb maximum energy released by food. The entire balance has become upset tremendously.
Sometimes a car moving at 300 kmph and meeting with accident cause death of all occupants inside. The car also will suffer " beyond economical repair damage "
The human race must reduce its speed or else there will not be any human race on Earth

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