Thursday, February 28, 2019

227. ego, plant and tree

A small boy
small plant
less ego

30 years individual
poisonous tree
thick ego - cannot be cut down easily. disgusting, irritating, dominating, destructive, nauseating, painful

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

226. miniscule dots

An individual must not consider himself / herself to be superior
The sub conscious mind that is in link with the EGM knows about the vast spread universe. To establish the real fact, it will make the individual feel inferior.
More an individual considers himself / herself to be superior, the same amount of inferiority will be established by the sub conscious mind.
We are all miniscule dots in the universe
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Monday, July 2, 2018

225. Never push

A small boy wanted to learn an activity (chess, piano, etc)
His parents appointed a master
The master was desirous of making the boy - a number one
His parents too wanted the same
He gave the small boy too much of work beyond his working capacity
It became painful for the boy
The small boy lost the interest
His parents and master scolded him for not working hard
All they wanted to see was the boy becoming a topper in a tournament and holding a cup
Every game he lost, they made him cry
His self interest was gone completely
They were pushing a car with its engine "off"
Pushing became painful - both for the boy and the master
This type of pushing cannot be done for a long distance

224. Plants and giant trees

Seed fell down
Rainfall happened
a new plant sprouted
years later ....
it became a giant tree
It often happens in forests
Nobody grows them
Human children
are sent to schools
they only become potted plants
or damaged plants
their interests are killed
they are made up like automobiles in a factory
they don't like the books that contain facts not essential for life
nor the society that forces them to study
or their parents who send them to school.
they don't like the books
they don't like the society
they don't like the parents
education only does this
There were and are few children
who are not products of society
who are produces of nature
they are the ones who managed to be with self interest
who somehow protected their self interest getting damaged by teachers, education, society
who grew on their own
learned everything on their own
they grew like plants becoming giant trees in a forest
they were the greatest ones in history of mankind
Great scientists, Great painters, Great writers, Great achievers,

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

222. Old water out

When one cries, tears come out.
It will be better that one cries at least once in a month. The old stored water will come out and it will be filled with fresh water.
Maybe those who don't cry become victim of eye problems
Old salty tears coming out. You rinse your eyes with fresh water. Your eyes become fresh.
Good for your eyes
Cry for betterment

221. Internal and external effects

Be alone for 20 years
You will become a good person
Be in the crowd for 20 years
You will become a nasty person

Monday, February 12, 2018

220. No difference

At a certain point of time, there will be no difference between a boy who was a class topper and a boy who scored least marks or even zero mark.
In months time, everything read is forgotten - whoever be it
Both of the boys will have zero memory.
The boy who scored zero in exam will have a 'relaxed' mind
The boy who was class topper will have an 'exercised' mind

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

219. What bees think

Flying bees build and live in human places. When humans go near them, they think humans are coming to their place, become angry, protective and sting humans

218. Man opposite you

A common man husband will weep pathetically if you are about to die
A buddha husband will not cry. He will only see the physical body, its mind and feelings becoming nothing.
Common man husband will scold, trouble, torture or even beat up his wife.
A buddha cannot !!!
Being with a buddha will be like vegetable life, very plain
Life with a common man will be spicy, salty, sweet, bitter, sour, nauseating, repulsive, disgusting, laughing, smiling, joyous, crying, weeping, enjoying, boring, suicidal ...
Whom do you want to marry?
A Buddha or a common man


The little sparows and small people are happier than big elephants and big people.
But they don't have contentment.

216. The ways species think

Humans think mosquitoes are painful and disturbing
Mosquitoes think humans are cruel and deadly. They smash and kill them or use chemical air to chase or kill them. 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

215. Industrial Revolution Aftermath

Industrial revolution aftermath
The dead materials have risen up
All living beings are dying / going to die

Saturday, January 13, 2018

214. The " collective " trap

Everyone is doing it
So everyone does (do it)
Everyone send their sons and daughters to school that mostly dumps garbage into heads - facts not essential for life.
Everyone sends and so everyone sends

213. On hand

Less money, individual becomes internal and subjective
More money, individual becomes external and objective

Thursday, December 7, 2017

212. Nasty world

The baddies are sitting comfortably on comfy sofas
United States monthly pageviews. 99.  Dec 12 2017 - Jan 10. 2018

211. Two ways

There is either of two ways always available for everyone.
To run after money, become rich, get satisfaction of all, the money can provide and suffer the pains of absence of emotions and feelings that cannot be obtained by money.
To give priority to emotions and feelings and not consider money as important factor ...... suffer the pains and lack of freedom because of absence of things that money can provide.

210. Warning

Every individual has works in life, fate has given.
Whosoever interferes or about to interfere with the works of that individual, he / she will be punished after bad omens. If the interference is consistent or unavoidable, the interfering person will meet death. It will not matter whether it is an ant or any kind of human.
The above mentioned is correct only for the fate of certain individuals whose works can influence large number of people.
The fate and importance of a goat, cow, superman and buddha are different
If an individual does not do the works fate has given, fate finds no reason to keep the person living.

209. good only for their children

Father / mother god like for their children. Same parents are incorrigible for other individuals of society.
For example: they will spend five hundred currency notes to buy an expensive chocolate box for their kids but they wont give away 100 currency notes extra in monthly salary for their worker.

208. The "being good" problem

These days, it is extremely difficult for good persons to maintain their good nature. Baddies are too many in number causing interference. Fighting with them generates a combat like feeling within which dilutes / spoils the good nature