Tuesday, May 27, 2014

150 Needs

All wheels have a center to move about. 
All relationships have a center to move about them – Need. 
Each and every relationship is based upon need.  
Without need there can be no relationship.
A baby need’s mother’s milk. The baby smiles at the mother.
The mother gets pleasure from the baby. The mother smiles at the baby.
Children need food, water, clothes, house, icecreams, chocolates etc. So they need parents.
The children give some kind of happiness to the parents. So parents need them.
Children smile at parents. Parents smile at children. Need is present in the background.

The boss needs work from employees. He needs them. He smiles at them.
The employees want money for their living. So they need the boss. They smile at him.
If the boss does not pay money, the smile of the employers will disappear.
If the employees do not work, the smile of the boss will disappear.

The husband wants pleasure from his wife. He needs her. He smiles at her.
The wife wants to make a living. She needs a husband. She smiles at him.
If the wife does not give pleasure to the husband, the smile of the husband will go pop.
If the husband does not give money to the wife, the smile of the wife will go pop.

The shop owners want money so they smile at the customers.
The customer wants something from the shop and so he/she smiles at the shop owner.
If the customer does not pay anything, the shop owner will become angry..

Without need, there will not be any relationship.
Why is it that nobody has relationship with a dirty and stinky beggar. Nobody smiles at a
Make sure you have something within your personality. Otherwise, people won’t need you.
They will not smile at you. They will not have relationship with you.
Love, affection, friendship, happiness, ……. and all are based upon need.


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