Useful Health Facts - Care for you

1. Flush your mouth with water so that the smelly waste liquids inside your mouth go out.
2. Next brush your teeth and brush your tongue also
Now your mouth is clean without toxins
You would like to take bath. But give the inside of your body a bath with excess warm water. You can also mix lemon and honey with it.
Early morning, drink plenty of warm water in empty stomach. Excess warm water (atleast 60% of your stomach must be filled with warm water to create flushing effect). If you drink little, it may be aborbed on the way itself and there will be no water inside to flush. After drinking in excess, jump often. This will make the water inside your stomach jump too and flush the upper portion of your stomach. This is the only way to flush the upper portion of your stomach. It will be like the flushing of your lavatory with water. You flush your complete inside of body with warm water. Most of the toxins will be removed from your body. There is no better medicine in this world than water.
Warning: you must drink warm water in empty stomach. Drinking cold water in empty stomach is highly harmful and dangerous. Notice the word "dangerous"
You cook food and leave it without eating. After hours, the food become toxic and poisonous. That is what happens to the food particles sticking to the intestinal walls. They become toxic inside your body. So you must flush your body with warm water often. Few minutes after drinking warm water, you can go to the loo (lavatory/ toilet) and empty everything.
It will be better if you crush a piece of ginger, prepare ginger tea and drink it.
Before eating food, wet your intestinal walls by drinking little water. You must drink only little. Eat food but do not drink water. Because water will dilute the hydrochloric acid secreted inside the stomach to digest the food. The acid will become diluted and the digestion will not be proper. 
Birds and fishes observe god's ways of life. They do not go to office or some work place. Their only bother is food. With just food they are very happy. More happy than humans. Look at the sparrows. How lively and energetic they are.
But we cannot be like them. At least we can limit the number of hours of work and get other advantages. 
You can play some active games like basket ball, foot ball, shuttle cock, tennis etc. Do not play the lazy game cricket which is of very less use from exercise point of view. 
If you run for 5 kilometers or run on a treadmill at 8 kmph speed for 15 minutes or exercise on a elliptical rider or trainer for 30 mins - it will do lot of good for you. 
Do not attempt to run on the very first day. First walk, then walk fast, thenafter run slow and run fast after that. You can attempt for walk for 2 km every day and gradually increase it to 4 km a day. When walking 4 km a day becomes normal for you, then you can attempt to walk fast. If that becomes normal. Run slow for 4 kms. When running slow for 4 kms becomes normal, then you can start to run fast for 4 kms. That is enough. You need not increase 4 kms to 40 kms and think that you are getting more and more healthy.
You can do the same thing when you work on a treadmill or elliptical rider or trainer. You increase the exercise load gradually.
There must be enough ventilation in the place where you exercise so that fresh oxygen will be pumped into your lungs and into your body. 
Where ever you are during day or night, make sure that the place is well ventilated. Access for entry of fresh oxygen must be there. Do not switch on the A/C, close all the doors and windows and fill your lungs with bad carbon di oxide

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