Sunday, August 11, 2013

060 Get rid of artificial concepts and be better.

devaluation - unloading of mind
A currency note is only a paper.
A car is nothing but a metal object.
All objects (smart phones, computers, aeroplanes..etc) are made out of materials taken from mud and sand underneath the Earth and joined by certain humans in a certain manner.
An intellectual is just a human body whose brain has fired more neurons.
Respect is nothing but certain movement and body language of other humans and some sounds coming out from other human people mouth (e.g. sir). The birds do not live with strange factors like respect. They live the way Gods created them. Only human people have such strange behaviour.
Beautiful women remain beautiful in the retina and optic nerve of one's eyes for not more than a year. They send better visual images to the brain.
That's all, Brother

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