Monday, May 11, 2015

184 Ancient philosophers are not relevant these days

The ancient philosophers and their findings are not relevant anymore these days. Reading them and following their concepts will only create anxiety and tension. They lived in a period when " industrial revolution " did not happen. In the 18th century, it seems that it took months for a message to be sent by British Navy on Indian waters to Britain. Somebody must physically go to Britain rowing a boat or something and thenafter must come back again to tell the reply. The process took months. Such stress and anxiety exist no more. These days, over cellphones, communication can be done both sides instantly in seconds. The ancient philosophers and their findings date back to near stone age. The mind has changed. The body has changed. About 300 years back, every work was done by human muscles. These days everything is done by machines. The human body has become weaker in strength. The mind has become stronger. The energy dynamics have changed a lot. They are not the same when those stone age philosophers were talking about. The period in which they lived had no mechanical transport, no wireless communication. There were lot of stress which have been eased by modern scientific methods. The women do not cook like they did before. They use mixers, grinders, refrigerators etc.
The old age philosophers observations were correct for people belonging to their age only. Talking about them and praising them is just like praising and observing the ways of a bullock cart instead of a Boeing 747 aeroplane.

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