Tuesday, December 16, 2014

176 Where all humans are going ???

A sparrow's life is very simple. All is needs for its life is few grains to eat. That's all. It is so simple.
If humans do not kill other species before they all die, the other species will live well. If they do not pollute air, water and land, the other species will not die. Humans are going to kill all other species first and then after kill themselves or get killed because of the things they have invented. The mind is absorbing more and more food energy and is making life more and more complex with every passing decade. If the released food energy is 1500 calories, 1300 calories will be consumed by the mind alone. Everything has a tendency to increase its domination. It is possible that in far future, the heart and the lungs will not have sufficient energy to work because all of the released energy is consumed by brain and mind itself.
The mind has started absorbing most of the energy and keeps deceiving everyone with false feelings and false hopes. Almost everybody is getting into traps from which they will never come out.
All over the world, collective people are on slow suicide vehicle. They know that smoking will kill and drinking liquor will kill. If they kill, why are people smoking and drinking. They all subconsciously want to die but not today or tommorow. They kill themselves slowly. They do not want to die. At the same time, they do not want to live also. So they choose the option not to die and not to live longer.

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