Tuesday, May 27, 2014

149 Absolute Power and You

There is one powerful police man. Fear of police permits him to beat up people and get away easy with it. Very few people will dare to question him if he beats up somebody. One small road accident happens. One man was responsible for it.  
Now there are two ways the powerful police man can handle the situation. 
He can go straight to the man and slap him on the face for his carelessness. Another is to go and inquire him with due respect whether he got hurt and whether he is all right. And tell him softly that in future to be careful. It is said: Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. No.. That is not true. Absolute power only brings out what is within. 
Before you were powerless. You did not have power to vent out your inner emotions. Now you are powerful. You have the power to vent out your inner emotions. 
You can do anything. 
Good or Bad. 
People are watching you.

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