Saturday, October 5, 2013

122 harmful consequences

In an car, partial or full application of brakes and simultaneous running of the car engine will result in harmful consequences. The brake shoes/discs will get worn out, the engine will develop high internal pressure and suffer normal running. In the long run, a breakdown is most likely.
Generation and simultaneous suppression of feelings will result in harmful consequences for an individual. High blood pressure, nervous break down, heart attack, neurosis - the aftermaths. For example: an individual gets very angry and wants to shout at the top of his/her voice but the society does not allow expression/venting out of anger and because of society restraint the individual controls his/her anger. A somewhat high pressure is created within the individual and it does not find a way to release out.
If an individual is alone in a no man island and a monkey stole his coconut which he kept for eating in afternoon, he will explode at the top of his voice because the society and its rules are not there.
But if an individual is in a high level delegates conference and becomes very angry, he cannot release out his anger and the increased pressure will remain unreleased.
Sometimes, being on an no man island is better than sitting in a delegates conference meeting.

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