Tuesday, September 24, 2013

115 balloons

Balloons are colorful and good looking
Balloons are inflated and deflated
Happiness is the inflation of the balloon feeling system
Sadness is the deflation of the balloon feeling system
An overinflated balloon would burst. An overinflated happiness would cause damage to the feeling system. So as a precautionary measure, the mind generates seriousness and deflates the feeling system to protect the individual
You must have noticed, when happiness or laughter goes to an extreme, automatically seriousness is generated at a certain condition
The inflated balloons are beautiful. For oneself and others. But inflated balloons suffer internal pressure. With long time, they are harmful.
Inflated happiness is beautiful
For oneself and others
But happiness creates internal pressure
The pressure is pleasant
With long time, it is harmfull
Balloons can be felt inside oneself
Especially at the time of good feelings
They are so nice

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