Saturday, June 6, 2015

Dear Reader

Dear Reader
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If the header words "Gokula Anand Write" do not appear slanted and thin, try reloading the page for better word effects throughout the website
This blogspot name is  water    bubble   at    sea   (without spaces). This is for you to remember next time you want to visit the site. If you forget you may not be able to visit this site again because it is not easy to locate this site with search engines without the word waterbubbleatsea

WATER  BUBBLE  AT  SEA  (without spaces)...........Always remember

WATER  BUBBLE  AT  SEA  (without spaces)  ............    Indian server

WATER  BUBBLE  AT  SEA  (without spaces)    ..........  BLOGSPOT

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Another blogspot containing few pages with original philosophical observations:

Germany 50 page views this week. June 2016

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